Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

We know, you've heard this a million times before. But following this mantra means more than just tossing your waste in the right bins. Next time you're throwing something out, consider why you have it. Is it a grocery bag you could replace with a reusable bag? Is it a plastic straw you could replace with a glass or metal one? Is it another soggy paper towel, even though your dishcloth is sitting right over there? All of these little actions can make a big impact on the environment, so every time you make one of these switches, you're doing your part!

For items that are used more often, try sharing the love! Set up a clothing swap with your friends, so your overused t-shirt becomes someone else's wardrobe staple. Donate unwanted and gently used items. Anything you can do to keep things out of the landfill!

Conserve Energy

Save a tree, save a buck! Flicking off your light switches not only helps conserve energy, but it also helps cut down your utility bills. Installing energy-efficient light bulbs, like CFL or LED, has the same effect without causing you to sacrifice strong lighting, even in a small apartment. Also use cold water in your washing machine, and turn down your heat or air conditioning during the day when everyone's out of the house.